哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)在穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)的领导下正在发展成为一名创造者和得分手

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One of Jose Mourinho"s first acts as Tottenham manager was to summon Harry Kane to his office for a meeting

何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)作为热刺主教练的第一个行为是召集哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)到他的办公室开会

In it, as shown in All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, he said he could help him "build his status" as one of the world"s best players


"That"s my aim," replied Kane


"I want to be [like] Ronaldo and Messi." Mourinho said Kane could "explode" under the guidance of a manager who already enjoys that status - "my profile, I am little bit like that as a coach," he added - and given the two names Kane mentioned himself, the assumption was that the explosion referred to his scoring rate


A year on, however, and Mourinho"s plan for Kane looks different to how it was originally perceived


Rather than fixating on increasing his goal tally, he wants Kane to become a player who creates as well as scores, a player who serves the team in multiple ways


That is exactly what Kane has done so far this season, showing previously untapped creative resources and providing twice as many assists (six) as anyone else in the Premier League


Kane also ranks top for big chances created


He sits behind only Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne for chances created from open play

他只坐在穆罕默德·萨拉赫(Mohamed Salah)和凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)的后面,这是公开比赛带来的机会

Kane dropping deep is nothing new - he was encouraged to link the play in those positions by Mauricio Pochettino and performs a similar job for England under Gareth Southgate - but his output certainly is

凯恩(Kane)的下场并不是什么新鲜事-毛里西奥·波切蒂诺(Mauricio Pochettino)鼓励他将这些位置链接到比赛中,并在加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)的带领下为英格兰做类似的工作-但他的贡献无疑

Kane has already provided as many assists in the Premier League this season as in the previous two campaigns combined


He only needs one more to match his highest-ever total


The best demonstration of Kane"s creativity came during Tottenham"s visit to St Mary"s Stadium last month, when he provided four assists, all for Heung-Min Son, in the 5-2 win over Southampton


Son rightly took the plaudits for his clinical finishing that day, but it was a masterclass in passing from Kane


Mourinho wanted everyone to know it, even interrupting Son"s post-match interview with the BBC to declare that Kane was a more deserving choice for the man-of-the-match award


Shortly after that, he interrupted Kane during a separate interview to say the same thing


"A team performance," he added of the 27-year-old"s display, before walking off behind him


Mourinho risked irking Son with his comments - the South Korean did appear somewhat bemused by the interruption - but his intention was to show Kane, a player whose obsession with scoring is well documented, that setting up goals for others is just as important as dispatching them himself


"His movement was tremendous, his link play was absolutely incredible, and he allowed Sonny to play in a different position on the pitch," Mourinho added in his press conference


Filling the creative voidKane"s changing role at Spurs is, in part, a response to the changing make-up of the team


When Christian Eriksen departed for Inter Milan in January, Mourinho lost a midfielder who had created more chances and registered more assists than anyone else in the Premier League since the summer of 2013

当克里斯蒂安·埃里克森(Christian Eriksen)在1月离开国际米兰时,穆里尼奥失去了一名中场球员,自2013年夏天以来,这名中场球员创造了比英超其他任何人都更多的机会和更多的助攻

It left him needing to find his creativity from elsewhere, hence the newfound emphasis on Kane


By dropping into the No 10 position, an area previously occupied by Eriksen, Kane creates space for Tottenham"s wide forwards to run into before using his vision and passing range to pick them out


It worked repeatedly against Southampton and his assist for Son"s first goal against Manchester United was another example


Mourinho hopes Tottenham"s creative load will be shared by central midfielders Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele as they continue to develop in the Premier League


He wants more from his full-backs too, as shown by the summer signings of Matt Doherty and Sergio Reguilon, two offensive specialists in those positions

他也希望从后卫中得到更多,如夏季在进攻端的两位进攻专家Matt Doherty和Sergio Reguilon所显示的那样。

But the onus on Kane to create is unlikely to change in the short-term, especially with Gareth Bale soon to be running in behind opposition defences as well as Son


In fact his recent performances may provide an indication of where his long-term future lies too


Get | Sign up for PL goal alertsAll offers for the new seasonPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on Sky"He"s a lovely player who can switch play and hold the ball up," said " Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football last month

取得|订阅PL目标提醒新赛季的所有优惠总理联赛桌|治具|天空直播“他是一个可爱的球员,可以切换球并保持球,”杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)上个月在《周一足球》上说道

"I just think, going forward, as he gets older and picks up injuries, his numbers will drop in terms of making runs in behind and pressing people


沙盘双开"I think [against Southampton], we saw a glimpse of what Harry Kane will become - maybe even this season." Kane would not be the first striker to undergo such a transformation in the later stages of his career, of course

沙盘双开“我想(对南安普敦),我们瞥见了哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)将成为什么样的人-甚至在这个季节。”凯恩当然不会成为职业生涯后期第一个经历这种转变的前锋

"I look at Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool when he was a centre-forward and then dropped back when Ian Rush came in," added Carragher

卡拉格补充说:“我看着利物浦的肯尼·达格利什(Kenny Dalglish)处于中锋位置,然后当伊恩·拉什(Ian Rush)进来时退缩了。

"I look at Wayne Rooney, who played both roles equally well


"But another one I liken him to, maybe because of Tottenham, is Teddy Sheringham

“但是我喜欢他的另一个人,也许是因为热刺,是泰迪·谢林汉姆(Teddy Sheringham)

He was a centre-forward and top goalscorer, and then he dropped back into the No 10 role


"That could be something we see going forward with Kane and I think it"s a mouth-watering prospect for Tottenham." Still a goal threatFor now, however, what is even more mouth-watering for Tottenham is that Kane"s goal threat remains so high


In fact, for all the fine work he has done in deeper positions this season, he is actually registering considerably more shots on goal than last year


He is getting more touches in the opposition box too


His total of three goals is modest in comparison to Son"s six, of course


It is rare that Kane should find himself behind one of his team-mates in the scoring charts


But a deeper look at the numbers shows he ranks second among Premier League players for expected goals, behind only Everton"s Dominic Calvert-Lewin


In other words, despite his added creative responsibilities, Kane is still getting into the right positions to finish off scoring chances himself


His growing tendency to drop deeper during Tottenham"s build-up play is not coming at the cost of what he does best


Instead, it seems Mourinho has found a way of maximising the different strengths in Kane"s game simultaneously


Tottenham"s season is still only a few weeks old


We will learn more as it progresses


But recent evidence suggests Kane"s route to achieving the kind of status he craves - as discussed in that meeting with Mourinho last year - involves creating as well as scoring


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