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England have seven teams competing in both the Champions League and Europa League this season - but how do their Premier League schedules look following those European encounters? Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United are all taking part in the Champions League, while Tottenham, Arsenal and Leicester are involved in the Europa League, with all the action getting underway this week


However, it is the league games that immediately follow an exerting continental clash that are often prove so testing for top-flight sides, so how do their post-European fixtures look this season? LiverpoolLiverpool"s post-Champions League fixtures are, on paper at least, relatively kind, with top-flight clashes against the likes of Sheffield United, West Ham, Brighton and Fulham on the agenda, while they are also evenly split, with three at home and three away


However, the champions do face a pivotal game at rivals Man City on the back of a trip to Atalanta, the club"s seventh match in the space of just 21 days, while they also have a tricky-looking trip to Wolves hot on the heels of a home Champions League tie with Ajax at the start of December


Sat Oct 24: Sheff Utd (h), 8pm - live on Box Office Sat Oct 31: West Ham (h), 5.30pm - live on Sat Nov 7: Man City (a), TBC Sat Nov 28: Brighton (a), TBC Sat Dec 5: Wolves (h), TBC Sat Dec 12: Fulham (a), TBC Champions League draw in fullEuropa League draw in fullPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet Man CitySimilar to Liverpool, City take on West Ham, Sheffield United and Fulham after Champions League fixtures, while they also host struggling Burnley at the end of November, a few days after a trip to Olympiakos

10月24日星期六:晚上8点在Sheff Utd(h)-现场票房收入10月31日星期六:西汉姆(h),5.30pm-居住在11月7日星期六:TBC曼城(a)11月28日星期六:布莱顿(a) ,12月5日星期六,TBC:狼(h),12月12日星期六,TBC:富勒姆(a),全欧洲冠军联赛的TB冠军联赛平局治具|直播天空获得曼城类似于利物浦的比赛,在冠军联赛比赛结束后,城市接手西汉姆,谢菲尔德联队和富勒姆,而他们也将在11月底(前往奥林匹亚科斯旅行的几天)接待陷入困境的伯恩利

City have three games at home and three away in the immediate aftermath of Champions League clashes, although that does include huge fixtures at home to the champions and a derby at Man Utd after their final group match with Marseille at the Etihad in December, a contest that maybe a dead rubber by that stage of the competition


Sat Oct 24: West Ham (a), 12.30pm Sat Oct 31: Sheff Utd (a), 12.30pm Sat Nov 7: Liverpool (h), TBC Sat Nov 28: Burnley (h) TBC Sat Dec 5: Fulham (h) TBC Sat Dec 12: Man Utd (a) TBC ChelseaFrank Lampard"s side have some potentially hazardous-looking encounters to contend with following their Champions League commitments this season, none more so than a visit to Old Trafford on Saturday night, four days on from a difficult game at home to Sevilla that kicks off their European campaign电子游戏厅游戏下载

10月24日星期六:西汉姆(a),下午12.30星期六10月31日:谢夫联队(a),11月7日星期六:利物浦(h),TBC 11月28日:伯恩利(h)TBC星期六12月5日:富勒姆(h) )TBC 12月12日星期六:曼联(a)TBC切尔西弗兰克·兰帕德(Lampard)的球队在本赛季欧冠承诺后面临着一些潜在的危险接触,无非就是在周六晚上四天访问老特拉福德塞维利亚主场艰难的比赛开始了他们的欧洲战役电子游戏厅游戏下载

However, as well as United, Chelsea also face tough-looking opposition in Tottenham - and the return of Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge - Leeds and Everton following European clashes


As with both Liverpool and City, though, the Blues do have a nice split of three home and three away matches on the back of Champions League contests


Sat Oct 24: Man Utd (a), 5.30pm - live on Sat Oct 31: Burnley (a), 3pm Sat Nov 7: Sheff Utd (h), TBC Sat Nov 28: Tottenham (h) TBC Sat Dec 5: Leeds (h) TBC Sat Dec 12: Everton (a) TBC Man UtdOle Gunnar Solskjaer will not be overly delighted with the post-Champions League schedule his team have been handed this season, beginning with Saturday evening"s home game with Chelsea coming just days after their trickiest Champions League test at PSG

10月24日星期六:曼联(a),5.30pm-直播于10月31日星期六:伯恩利(a),3pm 11月7日星期六:Sheff Utd(h),TBC 11月28日:热刺(h)TBC 12月5日星期六:利兹(h)TBC 12月12日星期六:埃弗顿(a)TBC曼联球员纳纳·索尔斯克亚不会对本赛季冠军后的比赛时间表感到过分高兴,从他们周六晚上与切尔西的主场比赛开始后的本赛季开始PSG上最棘手的冠军联赛测试

Not only that, but United also host another top-four rival in Arsenal four days on from a home clash with RB Leipzig, while the return trip to Germany that concludes the group phase is followed immediately by the visit of City in the Manchester derby


And in between those three Old Trafford fixtures, United face testing matches at Everton - who they lost 4-0 at last year - Southampton and West Ham


Sat Oct 24: Chelsea (h), 5.30pm - live on Sun Nov 1: Arsenal (h), 4.30pm - live on Sat Nov 7: Everton (a), TBC Sat Nov 28: Southampton (a) TBC Sat Dec 5: West Ham (a) TBC Sat Dec 12: Man City (h) TBC Champions League fixturesEuropa League fixturesPOST-EUROPA LEAGUE SCHEDULES ArsenalArsenal have been given four home league fixtures following this season"s Europa League encounters, definitely an advantage when it comes to the gruelling Thursday-Sunday routine of Europe"s second-tier competition

10月24日星期六:切尔西(h),5.30pm-直播11月1日:阿森纳(h),4.30pm-直播11月7日:埃弗顿(a),TBC 11月28日:南安普敦(a)TBC 12月5日:西汉姆(a)TBC星期六12月12日:曼城(h)TBC冠军联赛赛程欧洲二线比赛的周四至周日常规

However, the Gunners" two remaining away games are at Champions League-chasing rivals Man Utd, before a derby at Spurs


Sun Oct 25: Leicester (h), 7.15pm - live on Box Office Sun Nov 1: Man Utd (a), 4.30pm - live on Sat Nov 7: Aston Villa (h), TBC Sat Nov 28: Wolves (h) TBC Sat Dec 5: Tottenham (a) TBC Sat Dec 12: Burnley (h) TBC TottenhamUnlike their city rivals, Spurs face five away Premier League trips straight after Europa League clashes this season, the hardest of which looks to be a visit to Mourinho"s former club Chelsea at the end of November

10月25日星期日:莱斯特(h),7.15pm-现场票房11月1日:曼联(a),4.30pm-十一月7日星期六,现场直播阿斯顿维拉(h),TBC 11月28日星期六:狼(h) TBC星期六12月5日:热刺(a)TBC星期六12月12日:伯恩利(h)TBC托特纳姆热刺与他们的城市对手不同,马刺本赛季在欧罗巴联赛发生冲突后面临五场英超联赛之旅,其中最艰难的一次似乎是访问穆里尼奥十一月底前俱乐部切尔西

Meanwhile, they also host Arsenal in the north London derby at the start of December, although Mourinho may hope to have already qualified from the group by that stage


Mon Oct 26: Burnley (a), 8pm - live on Sun Nov 1: Brighton (a), 7.15pm - live on Box Office Sat Nov 7: West Brom (a), TBC Sat Nov 28: Chelsea (a) TBC Sat Dec 5: Arsenal (h) TBC Sat Dec 12: Crystal Palace (a) TBC LeicesterBrendan Rodgers"s side have an even split of home and away games following their Europa League encounters before Christmas, the first three of which appear harder though


Leicester must travel to Arsenal and Leeds after their opening two matches of the competition, before hosting Wolves following the third clash


However, things get easier thereafter, with home contests against struggling Fulham and Brighton, in between which they face a trip to out-of-form Sheffield United


Sun Oct 25: Arsenal (a), 7.15pm - live on Box Office Mon Nov 2: Leeds (a), 8pm - live on Sat Nov 7: Wolves (h), TBC Sat Nov 28: Fulham (h) TBC Sat Dec 5: Sheff Utd (a) TBC Sun Dec 13: Brighton (h) TBC

10月25日星期日:阿森纳(a),7.15pm-票房现场直播11月2日:利兹(a),8pm-直播11月7日星期六:狼(h),TBC周六11月28日:富勒姆(h)TBC周六12月5:谢夫联(a)TBC 12月13日:布莱顿(h)TBC


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