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Jack Robinson has never forgotten the details


The words Rafa Benitez said to him beforehand: Just enjoy it

拉法·贝尼特斯(Rafa Benitez)事先对他说过一句话:尽情享受

The way he nearly set up Steven Gerrard to score in those precious few minutes

他差一点就让史蒂芬·杰拉德(Steven Gerrard)得分的方式

The praise from the senior pros he looked up to in the changing room afterwards


He was just 16 years and 250 days old that May afternoon in 2010


The unexpected cameo against Hull City made him the youngest ever to play for Liverpool


It was a teenage dream realised early for the shy youngster who had never turned out for the reserves but left with a Premier League shirt Benitez noted he clutched tightly all the way home


A decade later, and back in the top flight with Sheffield United, Robinson will face the club he has supported "as long as he can remember" for the first time in his career现金流游戏中文版

十年后,在与谢菲尔德联队(Sheffield United)的顶级飞行中,罗宾逊将面对职业生涯中第一次“只要他能记住”的俱乐部现金流游戏中文版

It has been a long and winding road


现金流游戏中文版"Yeah, I think it will be emotional," he says with a smile, picturing the replica shirts the family albums show he was never out of as a child, thinking of the Anfield Road and the Shankly Gates and the footballing bug caught from his father


"This is something I"ve been looking forward to for quite a while


It was one of the first aims I set myself after my first big injury..


I wanted to try and get back here


This is the sort of place you want to play, this is where you want to show people what you can do


"There will be extra emotion but it will be good emotion." Robinson, 27, can now look back with fondness on a day he will never forget but the truth is that it was daunting, dizzying, intense back then


He "couldn"t come out of his shell" around the likes of Gerrard and Jamie Carragher; players he had idolised coming through the youth ranks and with whom he suddenly shared an unfamiliar world

他像杰拉德(Gerrard)和杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)一样“无法摆脱困境”。他曾经成为青年队中偶像的球员,突然之间与他分享了一个陌生的世界

"You"re nurtured in the academy; you"re constantly told what to do and you go along with it, but then you get thrust into the first-team surroundings and it"s hard for someone to put their arm around you because there"s so much else going on, there"s so much on the line at a club like Liverpool; your league position, the fact you have to be challenging for every cup


"When your performances are limited to just a couple a season, it"s really hard to get your confidence up." " new season offersLiverpool vs Sheff Utd previewPremier League predictionsHe went on to make 10 further first-team appearances, mostly in the cups, but the pathway to regular football had been blocked by the arrival of Jose Enrique and there were niggling injuries - precursors to ones that would push him to the brink

“当您的表演仅限于几个赛季时,确实很难增强信心。”利物浦vs谢夫·乌特的新赛季预告英超联赛的预测他继续参加10次一线队出场,大部分是在杯赛中,但何塞·恩里克(Jose Enrique)的到来阻碍了常规足球的发展,而且伤病累累-前者那会把他推到边缘

After loan spells at Wolves and Blackpool, he finally left Liverpool permanently in 2014


现金流游戏中文版He is sanguine - perhaps even a little steely - about the decision


"I regret not fulfilling my potential there, that I wasn"t there for longer," he says


"But something I don"t regret is the decision to move on


"I needed to further my career as a footballer and also to learn a lot about life that I probably wouldn"t have learned sitting on the bench." Life came at him fast, again


On the day he signed for QPR, he was loaned to Huddersfield - a development he described as "weird and frustrating" - but he was finally playing and thriving until a freakish knee injury sustained in a late, innocuous minute of a draw against Birmingham took two years to overcome


Robinson has spoken with candour about the "deep depression" he faced; how life felt "like a sad film" and how he was convinced, at just 23, that his body had failed him until a therapist helped him to mentally reset


It shouldn"t have been surprising that Chris Wilder moved for the former England youth international in January after his rehabilitation at QPR under Ian Holloway and then at Nottingham Forest

克里斯·怀尔德(Chris Wilder)在伊恩·霍洛威(Ian Holloway)主持的QPR和诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)的QPR康复之后,于1月份加盟前英格兰青年国际队,这并不奇怪。

The Sheffield United boss has made a heartening habit of reviving careers punctured by circumstance or deemed to have reached their ceiling, and Robinson had resilience as well as pedigree; along with so many of his players, a point to prove


But there have been challenges too at Bramall Lane

但是在Bramall Lane也有挑战

Like replacing Jack O"Connell following his own season-ending knee injury


Robinson had made only two FA Cup appearances for Wilder"s side before he was thrust into a previously settled back three in the first game of last term following the restart, and then again, just two games into this campaign


United have won just one Premier League game in which O"Connell has not started and his stand-in admits replicating the kind of attacking impetus his piercing diagonals and overlapping runs have brought remains a work in progress


"He"s a big miss for the team but the manager has shown faith in me and I do think it suits me, the way we play


"We do a lot of 11 vs 11 in training; we"re always practising the shape so the lads who aren"t in the team understand their roles


But the more games you play, the more comfortable you get


I"ve been in and out of the team with Jack being injured and I think it does take more than five, six games to get your confidence up in that position


"I think there"s more from me to come." The first point of a sobering start to 2020/21 after last season"s remarkable ninth-placed finish after came against Fulham last weekend as Billy Sharp converted a late penalty that Robinson won, having earlier conceded one that Aleksandar Mitrovic lashed at the crossbar


"It was a big relief, to be honest


You don"t want to be that person who makes a mistake that costs us a result


It was a lapse in concentration from the corner so I was just so glad to see Bill score the penalty that got us something from the game." He thinks they are "missing the creativity of John Fleck" in midfield as well as "not being clinical enough"; their six per cent shot conversion rate is indeed the lowest in the division


Wilder watched his players spurn a string of chances against Fulham in the first half - just as they had done against Leeds in their previous home game - and then lamented that they seemed "anxious"


"I wouldn"t say there"s anxiety," Robinson says


"But I do think it"s confidence; with four defeats you do lose a bit of confidence and I think some of the lads are feeling that


"But it"s a group that gets behind people constantly


It"s still early on in the season; we just need to relax a little bit and not look too much into the results and the points


We"ve not been clinical enough and we"re not keeping as many clean sheets as we"d like but we just have to keep going, keep trying to focus on the performances and hopefully the results will come." Robinson has certainly shown the sort of individual response to adversity that his team needs right now

我们还没有足够的临床经验,也没有保存多少张干净的床单,但我们只需要继续前进,继续努力专注于表现,并希望结果能够实现。” Robinson确实展示了他的团队现在需要的对逆境的个人回应

He agrees he can draw on his experiences


"What I"ve gone through, it just gives you that understanding that there are going to be down days and that you need to balance it out, look to the positives


I"ve been in these situations before at clubs - it"s about how you respond, it"s where you need your big characters to step up in games." There would be no place better to step up than at the home of the champions, feeling the loss of their own fervent fans and stripped of the injured Virgil van Dijk

我以前在俱乐部曾经遇到过这样的情况-这是关于您的反应方式,这是您需要大人物在比赛中加油的地方。”没有比在冠军之家更适合加油的地方了。失去了自己的狂热球迷,并解除了受伤的维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)

"They"ve got quality everywhere; it doesn"t matter which side they put out


But Van Dijk"s a big miss that hopefully we can capitalise on in terms of being more clinical and giving them something to worry about

但是范迪克(Van Dijk)怀念很大,希望我们可以利用更多的临床经验,让他们担心

We need a big performance, we need to concentrate for 90 minutes." Robinson is finally returning to Anfield but he is looking forwards, not backwards


"I"ve been talking about it all week with my family


I can"t wait


But even though I"m a Liverpool fan, there would be nothing bigger than three points on Saturday for Sheffield United."



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