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Kilmarnock came from behind to beat Livingston in their first Scottish Premiership match since the entire squad was forced to self-isolate due to a Covid-19 outbreak


Goals from Aaron Tshibola, Chris Burke and Greg Kiltie ensured Scott Pittman"s early opener counted for little as the visitors racked up a third successive league win

亚伦·齐博拉(Aaron Tshibola),克里斯·伯克(Chris Burke)和格雷格·基尔蒂(Greg Kiltie)的进球确保斯科特·皮特曼(Scott Pittman)的早场揭幕战不算什么,因为游客连续第三次赢得联赛冠军

The game went ahead after the hosts knocked back Kilmarnock"s request for a postponement, with the Ayrshire team continuing to build up their fitness following the enforced break


Scottish Premiership - latest news and featuresScottish Premiership fixtures | results | tableGet | Get a Now TV Day PassIt was no surprise Killie manager Alex Dyer made a total of eight changes after naming a young team in the midweek 3-0 Betfred Cup loss at home to Dunfermline

苏格兰英超-最新新闻和功能结果tableGet |立即获得电视日通行证不足为奇的是,基利经理亚历克斯·代尔(Alex Dyer)在周三3-0击败贝弗雷德杯(Detfermline)的主场中指定一支年轻球队后,总共进行了八次变更

But even with experience back in the team, the visitors still fell behind to an 11th minute opener from Pittman


Scott Robinson and Julien Serrano combined on the left flank to tee up the midfielder on the penalty spot and Pittman coolly directed the ball into the bottom left corner of the net

斯科特·罗宾逊(Scott Robinson)和朱利安·塞拉诺(Julien Serrano)组合在左路,将中场球员送入罚球区,皮特曼(Pittman)冷静地将球引向了球网的左下角

金牛座配对Kilmarnock had struggled to make any impression in the final third although a free-kick award gave Dyer"s side a chance to test Robby McCrorie

金牛座配对基尔马诺克(Kilmarnock)努力地在最后的第三场比赛中没有留下任何印象,尽管任意球奖使戴尔(Dyer)一方有机会测试罗比·麦克罗里(Robby McCrorie)

Chris Burke"s first effort hit the wall and a second bite of the cherry saw the winger fire the rebound wide

克里斯·伯克(Chris Burke)的第一手努力撞到了墙上,樱桃的第二次咬伤使这位边锋开了篮板

However, Kilmarnock levelled in the 25th minute


The ball fell to Burke after Nicke Kabamba"s effort was blocked and the playmaker"s drive was only parried by McCrorie

在尼克·卡班巴(Nicke Kabamba)的努力被阻拦并且组织者的进攻仅由麦克罗里(McCrorie)阻止之后,球落到伯克

Tshibola reacted to turn in the rebound and the goal stood despite Livingston"s claims for offside


The away side"s afternoon got even better in the 37th minute when Burke confidently converted a penalty金牛座配对


Pittman brought down Alan Power as the midfielder latched onto Greg Kiltie"s pass inside the box, prompting referee Greg Aitken to point to the spot

皮特曼击倒了艾伦·鲍尔(Alan Power),这名中场球员在禁区内撞上了格雷格·基尔蒂(Greg Kiltie)的传球,提示裁判格雷格·艾特肯(Greg Aitken)指向现场

Livingston saw plenty of the ball at the start of the second half but Kilmarnock were happy to soak up the pressure and try and hit their opponents on the counter


Against the run of play Dyer"s team added a third in the 57th minute with a helping hand from goalkeeper McCrorie


金牛座配对The Scotland squad "keeper misjudged the flight of Zeno Ibsen Rossi"s cross and could only palm the ball to Kiltie, who was left with a simple tap in


Livingston continued to press but could not find a way past the Kilmarnock rearguard


What the managers saidLivingston manager Gary Holt said: "We need to take this on the chin and learn from it because I thought there was a lot of good play, good chances

利文斯顿经纪人加里·霍尔特(Gary Holt)的经理说:“我们需要坚持这一点,并从中学到东西,因为我认为这里有很多不错的比赛,很多机会

But Kilmarnock are a good side


I can"t fault my lads for effort and commitment and creating chances


"Did Kilmarnock play any differently than what I expected? No they didn"t


But they will be cock-a-hoop because they got the win


"I feel a bit aggrieved for the lads because they put in a shift, created lots of chances, hit the woodwork twice, scored a good goal


"I can"t go round and tell them they were rubbish because they all put a shift in


We dominated possession but we lost 3-1 and we have to take that on the chin and get the stick that goes with it." Kilmarnock manager Alex Dyer said: "We came here with a job to do and we did it well

我们统治了控球权,但是我们输了3-1,我们必须把它放在下巴上,然后拿到随手可得的棍棒。” Kilmarnock经理Alex Dyer说:“我们来到这里要做的事情很出色

We were organised, I"ve got an honest bunch of footballers who enjoy what they do and want to work hard for this club


"They"ve had two weeks without doing anything and to come in and put in a performance like that is very pleasing


They"re a little bit tired but they worked hard for one another


"We didn"t panic when we went behind, we scored at the right times and that gave us a bit of a lift


We went on and dominated the game, I thought金牛座配对


I didn"t feel as though we were really troubled, we were in control." What"s next?Livingston will travel to Rangers next Sunday in the Scottish Premiership (kick-off 3pm)


Kilmarnock will be in action on Saturday as they welcome Hibernian to Rugby Park (kick-off 3pm)



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