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Northern Irish side Coleraine were left in an "impossible situation" after struggling to clarify whether they could allow supporters to attend their opening game of the Danske Bank Premiership season on Friday night2013nba全明星


The confusion came as fans turned up for the match against Ballymena United at Coleraine Showgrounds

球迷们在Coleraine Showgrounds对阵Ballymena United的比赛中出现球迷时感到困惑

New strict regulations aimed at stemming the spread of coronavirus came into effect at 6pm on Friday for four weeks, shortly before the match was due to kick-off


Guidance states elite training and competition can continue, both indoors and outdoors2013nba全明星


But the Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL) said it received a letter from Communities Minister Caral Nu Chuilin advising it was "necessary to stop spectators from attending sporting events"

但是北爱尔兰足球联盟(NIFL)表示,已收到社区部长Caral Nu Chuilin的来信,建议其“有必要阻止观众参加体育赛事”

Coleraine chairman Colin McKendry said some fans were already inside the grounds when he arrived, while others were initially kept outside while they sought clarity from police

科尔雷恩董事长科林·麦肯德里(Colin McKendry)说,当他到达时,一些球迷已经在场内了,而其他球迷最初则被关在外面,以寻求警方的澄清。

All the supporters were later allowed into the Coleraine venue after it was deemed unsafe to keep them outside, risking a contravention of a rule limiting numbers who can gather public


"We"ve put all the necessary safety requirements in place to adhere to the Public Health Agency," he said, adding they had been put in an "impossible situation"


First Minister Arlene Foster responded to developments on social media, stating the regulations "do not ban spectators in the grounds of elite sports"

第一部长阿琳·福斯特(Arlene Foster)对社交媒体的发展做出了回应,称该规定“不得以精英体育为由禁止观众”

"The existing position is maintained permitting a limited number to attend


Preposterous for clubs to be told anything to the contrary," she posted on Twitter



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