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Our tipster thinks Tottenham are a wild price to beat Manchester City this weekend and has thrown Liverpool in there to create a boosted 7/1 double


How did our recent Premier League bets get on?Excuse me for sounding like a football manager under pressure, but fine margins have been at work, hindering a potentially profitable start to the season


To follow on from Bukayo Saka (18/1 first goalscorer vs Manchester United) striking a ball just a little bit too hard over the crossbar, Fulham left me mouthing utter filth in their direction after some questionable penalty taking decision making against West Ham left me a fine margin away from a 14/1 winner


Quite why Fulham"s sweetest striker of a ball in Tom Cairney allowed Ademola Lookman to step up for their last-minute penalty should be a matter of national debate

富勒姆在汤姆·凯尼(Tom Cairney)中最甜蜜的球前锋为何允许阿德莫拉·卢克曼(Ademola Lookman)加强对他们最后一刻的处罚,这应该是全国性辩论的问题

If Cairney took and scored the penalty, we"d have landed


Instead the poor lad Lookman made himself a Panenka legend, for all the wrong reasons


However, less said about the Aymeric Laporte to score (0.5pt at 50/1, 1pt on a shot on target 11/2) inspired bet the better in Manchester City"s draw with Liverpool


Both teams decided to play a third of the game akin to a glorified tea-party


City won just one corner in the match - their lowest amount in a home game for five years as Laporte was offered no attacking bait to feast on


Liverpool"s deficiency of defending from set-pieces without their key defenders does remain an angle to keep up our sleeves, although Leicester will struggle to get anywhere near their goal this weekend


Onto that shortly孔二狗的微博


In better news, in my stint providing predictions, I managed to stumble across Scotland to win on penalties at 14/1 and Aston Villa to beat Arsenal at 4/1 in recent weeks孔二狗的微博


Every blind squirrel finds a nut eventually


You can read this week"s ramblings here


Two channels for the price of one - 146 live PL games + EFL for just 250kPlay Super 6 Extra here!With City taking up too much of the market, Tottenham are just too juicy to ignore at 3/1

两个频道的价格-146场现场PL游戏+ EFL仅需250kPlay Super 6 Extra!由于城市占据了太多的市场,热刺在3/1时过于多汁而不能忽视

A return of 17 points from their eight games is perfectly aligned with their performance metrics


If keeping to this level, Spurs will be top four challengers this season, maybe even title contenders in a below-average year


Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son are a world-class and prolific partnership

哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)和香敏善(Heung-Min Son)是世界一流的多产合伙人

I have no problems with their skills carrying my cash


As Paul Merson said after Tottenham"s win at West Brom, Mourinho is not here to entertain, but to win

正如保罗·梅森(Paul Merson)在托特纳姆热刺在西布朗(West Brom)夺冠后所说的那样,穆里尼奥不是在这里娱乐,而是在赢得胜利

With that philosophy in place, the early season attack-minded football has been replaced by a more typical Mourinho-like edge of winning games by a one-goal margin


Spurs have won their last three Premier League games by such a scoreline - it"s a something Mourinho managed teams are famed for


He once went seven Premier League games on the spin winning by one goal when Chelsea roared to the title in 2015 and in 88 games against "big six" sides, he"s won by a one-goal margin 21 times, a healthy 25 per cent strike rate


When Mourinho edges ahead, that"s when he calls for the bus


That makes the 5/1 about their chances of beating Manchester City by a one-goal winning margin a price I"m willing to get involved in


Liverpool vs Leicester, Sunday 7.15, live on - 1pt on Liverpool to win and to have 16 or more shots (11/4 with Sky Bet - bet here!) & 1.5pts on Tottenham and Liverpool double (7/1 with Sky Bet - bet here!)Let"s be honest, many of the stats we love to consume are worthless when it comes to spotting betting angles

利物浦vs莱切斯特,星期天7.15,继续直播-利物浦获得1分并赢得16球或更多的射门(Sky Bet赢得11/4-在这里下注!),托特纳姆热刺和利物浦双倍获得1.5分(Sky Bet 7/1-坦率地说,当我们发现下注角度时,我们喜欢消费的许多数据都毫无价值

But sometimes they are just too good to ignore


How about this one? "Leicester City have created the least amount of chances per game from open play in the Premier League this season." Fewer than Burnley

这个怎么样? “本赛季,莱斯特城在公开赛中每场比赛创造的机会最少。”比伯恩利少

孔二狗的微博Fewer than West Brom


But Leicester City are top of the Premier League


Brain frazzled, eh? Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat in football and winning penalties - Leicester have won seven already this season - is an important skill to possess with VAR in full flow


But an average of just 5.1 chances created from open play per-90 minutes isn"t sustainable in terms of Leicester being a genuine title contender


And, despite Liverpool"s injury woes (Leicester have them too, by the way), Brendan Rodgers" side could be in for a reality check at Anfield


With problems with personnel in defence, Jurgen Klopp is likely to undertake the "attack is the best form of defence" philosophy and there"s still enough quality in the form of Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota to trust Liverpool to get the job done

由于国防人员存在问题,于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)可能会奉行“进攻是最好的国防形式”的理念,萨迪奥·曼恩(Sadio Mane),罗伯托·菲尔米诺(Roberto Firmino)和迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota)的形式仍然有足够的素质来信任利物浦完成工作

When the two clubs met last season, Liverpool won both matches and dominated the shot count 32-5 over the two games


There is a gulf in class


I simply can"t resist the temptation of backing a team to win and have 16 or more shots at 11/4 that are unbeaten in 63 home league games against much inferior opposition孔二狗的微博


I"m also happy to advise, with a degree of confidence, the 7/1 on offer for both Tottenham and Liverpool to win this weekend


Good luck, comrades



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