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Chris Wilder has told his Sheffield United players not to look at the Premier League table and no wonder

克里斯·怀尔德(Chris Wilder)告诉他的谢菲尔德联(Sheffield United)球员不要看英超联赛桌子,也就不足为奇了

The Blades, so extraordinary back in the top flight last season, prop up the pack having made one of the worst starts to a Premier League campaign - only four other teams have taken a single point from their first eight games in the competition"s history


It was the manner of defeat against Chelsea before the international break that stung for many supporters


Frank Lampard"s expensively-assembled crop were merciless in the end, yet a tepid second-half performance from the visitors told the story of a side sapped of confidence, too easily settling for the mismatch

最终,兰帕德(Frank Lampard)昂贵的农作物收成毫无情节,但下半场观众的温和表演却讲述了一个信心受损的故事,太容易解决不匹配的问题

As frustration echoed around social media, recriminations began; scrutiny on signings, systems - even, unfathomably, Wilder himself, enduring a prolonged period of adversity for the first time in four transformative years at Bramall Lane

随着挫折感在社交媒体上回荡,谴责开始了。对签名,系统进行仔细检查-甚至是怀尔德本人,都难以置信地在布拉莫尔巷(Bramall Lane)经历了四个转型期中的第一次漫长的逆境

Why are Sheffield United struggling right now? Does the table really tell the whole story? And what might be key to an upturn? Get two football channels for sensibly lifting the wage bill, accruing assets, lowering the squad"s average age黄博文致意国安球迷


黄博文致意国安球迷Realism is required but so too is renewed belief


The Blades might have gained unwanted entry to the one-point club but two sides - Southampton in 1998-99 and Sunderland in 2013-14 - did survive with that haul at this stage


黄博文致意国安球迷There is further inspiration in their own archive: the remarkable recoveries of 1990/91 - when Wilder himself was part of a team whose first win did not come until the 17th game of the season - and the following term, when they spent another Christmas in the drop zone


That is a distinct possibility this December but returning players raise hope of re-established rhythms and only after the next run of fixtures might Sheffield United more fairly be judged


It is time not for system changes that may prove even more disruptive but to re-focus on the familiar - re-integrating key players, rehearsing trusted patterns of play, reviving old levels of intensity


Togetherness has brought the Blades here and Wilder knows just what a precious commodity that remains


His challenge is to preserve that spirit, to retain trust in his processes, and perhaps too, with onlookers sealing his side"s fate early for a second season, to rediscover his own spikiness黄博文致意国安球迷


黄博文致意国安球迷A tough season lies ahead but Norwood put it neatly on social media after that chastening Chelsea evening: Tough times don"t last, tough people do



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