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Tottenham"s fixture crisis had already left Jose Mourinho "depressed" - and could now provide a new headache after their Carabao Cup tie at Leyton Orient was called off


Tottenham were already due to play eight games across 18 days owing to their involvement in the Carabao Cup and Europa League qualifying alongside the truncated Premier League calendar


And while the postponement of their third-round game at Brisbane Road on Tuesday night will give Mourinho"s side an extra two days" rest in the short term, any rearrangement would involve encroaching on another midweek fixture - should they make it through to the Europa League group stages - with European games due to be played every Thursday, barring the October international break, from October 22 to December 8


Spurs" longest break between games up until the international break, in the second weekend of October, stands at three days - although that includes a potential fourth-round tie with Chelsea or Barnsley, originally pencilled in for Tuesday, September 29


Football calendar: All the new datesGet PL, Football for 18/month for the new seasonBefore the postponement, Spurs were facing the prospect of two games across the same midweek for two weeks in a row, owing to the shortened season because of the coronavirus pandemic


Before their Premier League opener against Everton last week Mourinho said: "The other day, I made a challenge with my boys and I asked them which one of them thinks he can play all these nine matches for 90 minutes and nobody told me, "I can"


pes2010注册表"So we all are very, very aware that it"s impossible to do it


It"s not human." Orient owner: Spurs bye not an optionLeyon Orient owner Nigel Travis told : "We"ve said that to the [Football] League [that the game has to go ahead at some point]

它不是人类。”东方拥有者:马刺再见,莱昂·东方拥有者奈杰尔·特拉维斯(Niyon Travis)告诉:“我们已经对[足球]联赛说过,[比赛必须在某个时候继续进行]

I"ve said it publicly and I reiterate it here - we think the appropriate action is for this game to take place


Can you imagine the outrage if say in the Fourth Round, Spurs vs Chelsea..


one of those teams were impacted in the same way and the game didn"t take place


Leyton Orient vs Spurs Carabao Cup tie called off"Can you imagine the outrage that you"d hear on and on the radio stations? This clearly is not a good policy


Leyton Orient have followed all the guidelines and have done the right things

莱顿东方酒店(Leyton Orient)遵循了所有准则,并做了正确的事情

If we don"t play the game and we"re forced to forfeit it, it is a demonstration that doing the right thing doesn"t work


"It is an incentive for people not to test, and that will only create a worse situation in the football world and in the UK at large


I would encourage everyone to think this through and allow us to play the game


pes2010注册表We need to see some flexibility and Spurs were set to play four games this week anyway


With a flexible schedule, we can get this game played


"The biggest point, and this extends far beyond Leyton Orient, is that you cannot incentivise people not to test, and this is the result of what will happen


And it may well be that the issues we"ve got with Covid at our club were caused by reasons outside of our control


"We"re getting punished and I would encourage more testing because we shouldn"t incentivise people not to test." The matches Tottenham may play this year...September 22: Leyton Orient, POSTPONED - Carabao Cup 24: Shkendija Tetovo (a) - Europa League 26: Newcastle (h) - Premier League 29/30: Carabao Cup fourth round - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression October 1: Europa League Play-Off Qualifying Round - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 3: Man Utd (a) - Premier League 17: West Ham (h) - Premier League 22: Europa League match-day one - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 24: Burnley (a) - Premier League 29: Europa League match-day two - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 31: Brighton (h) - Premier League November 5: Europa League match-day three - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 7: West Brom (a) - Premier League 21: Man City (h) - Premier League 26: Europa League match-day four - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 28: Chelsea (a) - Premier League December 3: Europa League match-day five - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 5: Arsenal (h) - Premier League 10: Europa League match-day six - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 12: Crystal Palace (a) - Premier League 16: Liverpool (a) - Premier League 19: Leicester (h) - Premier League 23: Carabao Cup fifth round - To be confirmed, subject to Tottenham"s progression 26: Wolves (a) - Premier League 28: Fulham (h) - Premier League When has there been a pile-up like this happened before? There have been a few occasions - although, unsurprisingly, it is not common

“我们受到惩罚,我鼓励更多的测试,因为我们不应该激励人们不要测试。”托特纳姆热刺队今年可能会参加比赛... 9月22日:莱顿·东方(Leyton Orient),被推迟-Carabao杯24:Shkendija Tetovo(a)-欧洲联赛26:纽卡斯尔(h)-英超29/30:Carabao杯第四轮-即将确认,以托特纳姆热刺的进展为准10月1日:欧洲联赛附加赛资格回合-待确认,以热刺的进步为准3:曼联(a)-英超17:西汉姆(h)-英超22:欧罗巴联赛第一天-待确认,取决于托特纳姆热刺的进展24:伯恩利(a)-英超29:欧洲联赛第二天-待确认,取决于托特纳姆的进展31:布莱顿(h)-英超11月5日:欧罗巴联赛第3天-有待确认,取决于托特纳姆热刺的进程7:西布朗(a)-英超21:曼城(h)-英超26:欧罗巴第4天-有待确认,但须遵守托特纳姆热刺28:切尔西(a)-英超12月3日:欧罗巴联赛第5天-成为已确认,取决于热刺的进步5:阿森纳(h)-英超10:欧罗巴联赛第六天-待确认,取决于热刺的进步12:水晶宫(a)-英超16:利物浦(a)-总理联赛19:莱斯特(h)-英超23:卡拉巴杯第五轮-待确认,取决于托特纳姆热刺的进展26:狼(a)-英超28:富勒姆(h)-英超何时有起伏,像这样发生过吗?曾经有过几次-毫不奇怪,这并不常见

Fixture congestion last season led to Liverpool putting out a youth side - led by then U23 manager Neil Critchley - in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup, where they were beaten 5-0 on the night

上赛季的赛程拥堵导致利物浦在当时的U23经理尼尔·克里奇利(Neil Critchley)的带领下,在青年队中崭露头角,在卡拉宝杯四分之一决赛中,他们在晚上被5-0击败

Their first team were out of the country at the time in Qatar, ahead of their Club World Cup semi-final clash with Monterrey the following evening


Further back, in November 2001 Arsenal and Manchester United met in the League Cup only 24 hours after playing Premier League games against Charlton and Liverpool respectively


While both fielded stronger sides in the league games - and still lost - Arsenal emerged victorious from a one-sided cup game, demolishing their arch rivals 4-0


And in 1999/00, United controversially withdrew from the FA Cup only months after lifting the trophy as part of their treble season, so that they could take part in the Club World Cup, which was being held in Brazil



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