哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire):加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)支持英格兰后卫,在对丹麦的红牌比赛后重新组建

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Gareth Southgate says he expects Harry Maguire"s form to turn around after the defender"s sending off in England"s Nations League loss to Denmark

加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)表示,他希望哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire)的状态会有所改变,因为后卫在英格兰国家联赛输给丹麦后

The Manchester United captain was dismissed for a second yellow offence after just 31 minutes in Wednesday"s 1-0 defeat to Denmark at Wembley


Should Trent play in midfield for England?Nations League round-up: Mbappe sinks CroatiaEngland player ratings: Night to forget for MaguireHis dismissal compounded an overall poor start to the season for both club and country, which follows the Greek court case where the defender was given a suspended sentence for aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated attempts of bribery - which he has since appealed


Southgate backed him to come through this sticky period, saying "he has been getting all sorts (of criticism) for a while from people who should know better"


"For me, he is a top player and a massive part of what we do扎金花58w梭哈游戏


扎金花58w梭哈游戏He is having a period where he is getting a lot of stick thrown his way


扎金花58w梭哈游戏He is big enough to deal with that and he will be stronger for it


He has our full support and I know his club will be the same," he told


"He will be getting all sorts


He has been getting all sorts for a while from some people who should know better


None of us like to be at the centre of that sort of summer, do they? "He is having one of those periods where things are going against him but you have to hang on in there and things will turn." Southgate says he has no intention of taking Maguire out of the firing line when England next meet up in November

我们谁都不喜欢成为那种夏天的中心,对吗? “他正处于事情不利于他的时期之一,但你必须坚持在那里,事情会发生转变。”索斯盖特说,他无意将马奎尔带出火线,当英格兰明年11月见面时

Captain Kane backs MaguireEngland skipper Harry Kane also offered his backing to Maguire, insisting his England team-mates will rally round and support him


Kane said: "Harry"s a strong guy, a strong guy mentally


I think any professional footballer, it takes a lot of ups and downs to reach the level that we"re at and H has definitely had that


"He"s had ups and downs in his career


Obviously it wasn"t his night but he"ll definitely learn from it


"Football"s a game that can turn around quick


All you can do is learn and work harder and that"s what H will do


"I"m not worried about him


The boys will get around him


We"ve got another camp in a few weeks and we"ve just got to stick together


"Things are going to go wrong now and then but I"m so proud of the boys in the way they fought and the togetherness


"That"s what we"ve got to take away from this week, which was a great week with two good wins against Wales and Belgium as well." Neville: England break did not serve Maguire well" Gary Neville: "It sums up his last four to six weeks


It is a terrible time for him


"Watching that Tottenham versus Manchester United game 10 days ago when obviously Harry Maguire had a bad time, you were thinking that he needed international duty just to get away, a different environment

“观看热刺在10天前对阵曼联的比赛时,显然马里(Harry Maguire)表现不佳,您在想他需要国际职责才能摆脱困境,这是一个不同的环境

But it has not served him well


"He will go back in as bad of a place as he came." Redknapp: His confidence is on the floor " Jamie Redknapp: "I think his confidence is on the floor, it"s obvious


You don"t become captain of Manchester United unless you"ve got a lot about you扎金花58w梭哈游戏


You have a presence and a quality that people like, they admire - and right now, his confidence is on the floor


"Everything I hear about him, he"s a really good lad, but he"s making mistakes that I didn"t see him make a few years go


He"s got a lot on his mind, we can try and brush it aside and some players can handle it, it doesn"t bother them and the pitch is their sanctuary


"But others can"t


They go on there and carry it onto the pitch


You don"t know what"s going on in people"s minds, we"re all very quick to judge."



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