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Arsenal have found a commanding defender


There were times during their emphatic 3-0 victory over Fulham at Craven Cottage when that did not feel the key takeaway from the afternoon

有时他们在Craven Cottage队以3-0击败富勒姆的比赛中没有感觉到下午的关键收获

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal - Match report and highlightsAll and BT Sport channels - 27m signing from Lille, that Arsenal supporters will be hoping he could be the catalyst for their team taking a huge step forward this season

富勒姆0-3阿森纳-比赛报道和要闻全部和BT Sport频道-里尔2700万签约,阿森纳的支持者希望他能成为本赛季球队向前迈出一大步的催化剂

A longstanding issue appears to have been addressed


Mikel Arteta knew it

Mikel Arteta知道了

That is why, despite having plenty of central defenders already on the club"s books, he pursued this acquisition with vigour in the summer


It was not just Edu, Gabriel"s compatriot, leading the chase


Personal calls went in from the manager too


Arteta was aware that he had nobody like Gabriel


Now Fulham are aware of that too after a game in which he repelled attack after attack


No Arsenal player made more tackles


No Arsenal player made more clearances


Playing in the middle of a back three, Gabriel"s physical presence snuffed out the threat posed by Aboubakar Kamara as he swept across to cover openings left and right

加布里埃尔(Gabriel)在后排三分中出战,他的身体状态掩盖了阿布巴卡·卡马拉(Aboubakar Kamara)所构成的威胁,因为他横扫了左边和右边的开口

But there was more to this display than the physical


David Luiz might have been selected for that central role had he been available for this game but the experienced Brazil international could not have produced a more assured passing performance than the newcomer

大卫·路易兹(David Luiz)可能已经被选为该角色的核心,如果他能参加这场比赛,但是经验丰富的巴西国脚不可能比新人有更好的传球表现

Gabriel completed 107 passes - the most of any player on the pitch


His use of the ball was tidy throughout and his composure provided assurance to his team-mates


It was not blemish free but in a strange way that only made it more impressive


A jittery moment in the second minute of the match could have knocked his confidence when poor communication with Bernd Leno allowed Kamara to sneak in behind

比赛第二分钟的紧张时刻可能会打败他的信心,因为他与伯纳德·莱诺(Bernd Leno)的不良沟通让卡马拉(Kamara)潜入

But the chance was not taken and Gabriel did not let the moment trouble him


He grew in confidence and was already the best player on the pitch long before he marked his debut with a goal by nodding in Willian"s corner in the early minutes of the second half


Any hope of a Fulham comeback ended with Aubameyang"s goal soon after and it was remarkable how little the home side were able to create on their Premier League return


That reflected the limitations of Scott Parker"s side, of course, but it was also an indication of the tactical troubles that Arteta"s fluid 3-4-3 system cause for their opponents


Try as they might, Fulham could not find a way to get at Arsenal and even when they did penetrate the back-line they were met with resistance in the form of the 6ft 3ins frame of Gabriel


In terms of the quality of chances created by Fulham, Opta"s expected goals metric rated the total as 0.15 - lower than in any game against Arsenal in the Premier League last season


In fact, it was the lowest quality of chances that Arsenal have conceded away from home in a Premier League game for over five years


Newcastle had 10 men for 75 minutes that day


There will be bigger tests than Fulham away with no fans in attendance, but it offers an insight into just how convincing this Arsenal performance was中国女子沙滩排球


In time, perhaps it will be seen as no coincidence that it came on the day that Gabriel made his debut for the club



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