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It is the perennial question – how would Lionel Messi do in the Premier League? As years passed, hopes of an answer were fading but with the news that the Barcelona icon has asked to leave the club, the prospect has never felt more real

这是一个长期存在的问题–莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)在英超联赛中的表现如何?随着岁月的流逝,人们对答案的希望逐渐消失,但是随着巴塞罗​​那偶像要求离开俱乐部的消息,这种前景从未像现在这样真实。

It is just a shame Stoke did not stick around


Messi tells Barcelona that he wants to leaveTransfer Talk: Could Lionel Messi really leave Barcelona?Get - All channels 23 a monthAt least it is still wet and windy in Manchester


A reunion with Pep Guardiola is seen as the most likely option if Messi is to opt for the Premier League


It would be the fantasy transfer made real


A nation awaits


But at the age of 33, what could we expect from Messi? To most, he is a footballing god


Beyond criticism


But there are always the naysayers


Those who wonder whether he could repeat his startling numbers outside of Spain


They watch with scepticism as he pummels hat-tricks against Celta Vigo, Mallorca and Eibar - and that was just this season

他们怀疑地注视着他对Celta Vigo,Mallorca和Eibar进行帽子戏法-那只是本赛季

When Messi is helping himself to goals, he can make it look so easy - and perhaps that is the problem


For some, it can become tempting to conclude that the competition itself must be easy


The argument is flawed


Take Messi out of the equation and it all looks rather different


There have been more hat-tricks scored in the Premier League over the past decade than in La Liga, Messi excluded


He has been responsible for almost a quarter of them in that time


Ten out of 33 in the past three seasons


The reality is that La Liga is one of the toughest competitions - if not the toughest competition - in the world


Sevilla underlined that depth in winning the Europa League for a sixth time recently


Spain has provided almost half of the winners of European competitions since the turn of the century with eight different clubs from La Liga competing in finals in that time


More than England


In short, it is an elite competition that has frequently been made to look far too easy because of just two players - Messi at Barcelona and, for nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid


The only other player to pass the 30-goal mark in a season in La Liga over the past decade is Luis Suarez - who also did just that in the Premier League during his final season with Liverpool


There were 92 fewer goals scored in La Liga than the Premier League last season


As a result, extraordinary as it might seem given nobody has registered such numbers in the competition, it is reasonable to think that,with a top English club, Messi"s record would be similarly stratospheric


That is not to say he would not need to adjust


Even though stylistic differences between major leagues might not be as pronounced as they once were in this globalised world, recent figures suggest the Premier League remains more fast paced than La Liga


The average number of high intensity activities in the competition is far higher than the other four major European leagues


Pressing from the front was a feature of Messi"s game as a youngster under Guardiola, of course, but those days are long gone now


In fact, he has seemed to saunter around in recent seasons, trading intensity for longevity, protecting his body to ensure his availability


It has worked


Messi has rarely been injured, playing more minutes than any other player in La Liga over the past decade


His total of 28,792 minutes played far exceeds that of any outfield player in the Premier League in that time


Kyle Walker comes closest but is 3,850 minutes adrift

凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)最接近,但漂泊3,850分钟

That"s a full season


Messi has been remarkably robust


If he does not appear to work as hard as others, it is reasonable to conclude he has done so to ensure he is on the pitch for the maximum amount of time in the knowledge that when he is on the pitch, he is always a danger to the opposition


How much of an impact would this less mobile version of Messi have in the Premier League? It is a fair question


But there are facets of his game that would most likely translate easily regardless of the backdrop


For example, his record in dead-ball situations is far superior to that of any other player


It would be reasonable to expect his astonishing feats from free-kicks to continue in the Premier League


Messi has been incredibly consistent in that department over the past three seasons


He scored six from 47 attempts in the 2017/18 season, six from 41 in the 2018/19 season and five from 43 in the 2019/20 campaign


That is 17 free-kick goals in three seasons of football in La Liga


Only one player in the Premier League has scored even five free-kick goals in that time - Southampton"s James Ward-Prowse


It is not because the duties have been shared around at clubs either


Manchester City have scored the most free-kick goals of any Premier League team over the past three seasons but their total as a squad is still less than half that of Messi"s


He is the maestro


It is a testament to his accuracy from distance - almost passing the ball into the corner of the net


While there is no reason to think his free-kick record cannot be repeated in any competition, Messi retains the ability to find space in regular play too


A drop of the shoulder is still enough


As a result, Premier League goalkeepers would have to deal with his phenomenal shooting from outside of the penalty box


Messi has scored 35 goals from that zone in the past four seasons in La Liga


The player to have scored the most from outside the box in the Premier League in that time is Manchester City"s Kevin De Bruyne and even his tally of 15 pales in comparison to the Argentine

当时在英超联赛中框外得分最高的球员是曼城的凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne),与阿根廷人相比,他的15次得分也相差无几

Of course, shooting and scoring is only part of Messi"s game


He first wowed crowds with his dribbling and, astonishingly, that ability to beat a man remains a weapon even into his thirties


The context here is important


By his standards, there was nothing particularly unusual about Messi"s dribbling numbers last season - he was doing what he had been doing for over a decade


By his standards


By the standards of anyone else, this was outrageous


Messi completed no fewer than 182 dribbles in a competition in which no other player managed even 100


Only one fewer than Adama Traore completed in the Premier League last season

仅比上赛季英超联赛的Adama Traore少一杆

Just part of the package with Messi


Dribbling might be a young man"s game but Messi"s passing masterclasses are likely to continue even as his pace deserts him and he comes deeper in search of the ball, taking on more of a role in the build-up play


He is, after all, one of the greatest passers of a ball that the game has ever seen


Messi registered 21 assists in La Liga last season, almost twice as many as any other player and more than anyone has ever managed in a single Premier League season


Would he be able to transfer those numbers? Hard to say when this country has never seen a player with such vision


It is his ability to thread through-balls in behind even packed defences that really separates him from any other player on the planet


Over the past three seasons in La Liga, Messi has completed 70 such passes breaking the defensive lines


Again, De Bruyne is the closest to him in the Premier League

同样,德布鲁因(De Bruyne)是英超联赛中最接近他的人

Again, his numbers are a mere fraction of Messi"s


There is little reason to doubt that he could pull off these passes in a Manchester City shirt just as effectively as he has done for Barcelona


He would still be able to see the pass and he would still have the runners


City are every bit as dominant in England as Barcelona have been in Spain


The possession statistics highlight this point


While Barcelona have consistently enjoyed over 60 per cent of the ball in La Liga for many years, since Guardiola"s arrival at the Etihad Stadium, City are similarly dominant


In fact, they have averaged more possession than Barcelona in that time


Will we ever see Messi at Manchester City or any other Premier League team? That remains to be seen


But the evidence suggests it would be a mistake to believe that the competition would feel alien to him


It seems far more likely that it would be the extraordinary gifts of Lionel Messi that would feel alien to anything witnessed in the Premier League ever before

看起来更有可能是莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)的非凡天赋,使他们对英超联赛中目睹的一切感到陌生


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