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Keith Downie tells the new Regional Review section of the Pitch to Post Review podcast the Newcastle takeover story still has legs as Mike Ashley prepares to take on the Premier League

基思·唐尼(Keith Downie)告诉Pitch to Post Review播客的新区域评论部分,由于迈克·阿什利(Mike Ashley)准备参加英超联赛,纽卡斯尔的收购故事仍然有影响



Newcastle have criticised the Premier League after it officially rejected Amanda Staveley"s Saudi-backed takeover of the club, and Ashley is also understood to be extremely frustrated at the process, having attempted to resurrect talks over a potential sale

纽卡斯尔在正式拒绝英超联赛之后,曾批评英超联赛,后者拒绝了阿曼达·斯塔韦利(Amanda Staveley)的沙特支持的俱乐部收购。阿什利(Ashley)在此过程中也极度沮丧,因为他试图重启有关潜在出售的谈判。

Newcastle have instructed lawyers in their dispute with the Premier League, and Downie insists the story will run for a while


Also in the Regional Review, News" north-east reporter Downie explains why the vibe among Newcastle fans may not match the points tally, and why Allan Saint-Maximin is now a much happier man

同样在《区域评论》中,《新闻》的东北记者Downie解释了为什么纽卡斯尔球迷之间的共鸣可能与得分不符,为什么艾伦·圣马克西姆(Allan Saint-Maximin)现在变得更快乐

Get "Takeover story will be around for a while" "I don"t think it"s going to go away anywhere soon


Obviously Mike Ashley has come out and said he"s unhappy with the process, and has brought into question how the Premier League has gone about things

显然,迈克·阿什利(Mike Ashley)出来表示对这一过程不满意,并引起了人们的质疑,英超对此事的看法

"He"s hired Nick De Marco from Blackstone chambers, one of the leading sports barristers in the world

“他从黑石会议厅聘请了尼克·德·马可(Nick De Marco),黑石会议厅是世界领先的体育大律师之一

He"s represented a lot of English clubs, including Man City in their case with CAS on their European ban

他曾代表许多英国俱乐部,包括曼城(Man City)与欧洲禁令有关的CAS案。

"It sounds as though Ashley will leave no stone unturned, and will spend what is required to go up against the Premier League to see if he can get this aborted takeover


Newcastle hire lawyers for PL takeover dispute"The most important thing in all of this is Ashley needs to ensure that the Saudi part of the consortium still want to buy the club


"You can only assume that Ashley has had guidance from the Saudi part of the consortium, has done his homework, and had assurances that they"d still buy the club


These things can go on for a while, sometimes months, sometimes a year, with this current climate, maybe even longer


篮球比赛活动方案"We went through so much last year to get to where we started


I think it will be around for a while." Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple - or listen on Spotify above..


"Points tally doesn"t match feeling" "If you spoke to most Newcastle United supporters right now, I don"t think they would describe it as an early season run of form


"I think it"s fair to say the majority of them are a little bit frustrated at the start


Yes they"re content with the points on the table - seven from a possible 15 is fairly solid start - but I don"t think they"re quite as happy with the product they are seeing


Bruce: Newcastle the difficult dream jobBruce: I need time, just like Klopp did"They"re in the last eight of the Carabao Cup, and they"ve got a chance


In fairness to Steve Bruce, he has come in and picked strong teams

为了与史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)公平起见,他进来并挑选了强大的球队

篮球比赛活动方案And that is something that could not have been levelled by Rafa Benitez or Alan Pardew

篮球比赛活动方案那是Rafa Benitez或Alan Pardew不可能达到的水平

Steve Bruce has said it"s one of his aims to bring silverware to the club, and he has picked strong teams

史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)表示,这是他将银器带入俱乐部的目标之一,并且他挑选了强大的球队

"From the outside looking in, I think most people would see Steve Bruce should be given credit, but it"s a difficult situation at Newcastle at the moment


I think Bruce wasn"t really favoured by supporters at the start, so they"re kind of looking for a stick to hit him with


"If you"re asking me I think the manager has stabilised it, but I think at present it really needs to step on and things have plateaued a bit." Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple - or listen on Spotify above..


"Saint-Maximin now a happy man" "He is their best player


He"s an unbelievable talent


I think the reason he previously hasn"t had a move to one of the big, big clubs, was his lack of end product


He"s started to bring that in to Newcastle


"It"s key to point out here that Saint-Maximin arrived last summer on a six-year deal anyway, so it"s essentially a year added on, to give him a pay rise and bring him in line with the other earners at the club


Saint-Maximin signs new six-year deal"I think it"s fair to say he"s been a little bit unhappy behind the scenes, that his wages have probably been half of the club"s highest earners


He knows he"s the best player, the supporters do, his team-mates do


"He scored a goal in training last week that had the rest of the squad standing and applauding, it was apparently that unbelievable


He can win games on his own


"I think the key thing here is that he is now 100 per cent happy at Newcastle - he wanted that pay rise to bring him in line with others, and you can see by his social media output how happy he is." Download the Pitch to Post Podcast on Apple - or listen on Spotify above..



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