凯尔特人vs游骑兵评分:瑞安·肯特(Ryan Kent)为游骑兵担任主角

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Rangers cruised to victory at Celtic Park on Saturday, but who was to blame for the hosts and who shone as the visitors moved four points clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership? CelticVasilis Barkas - 5Should have done better with Goldson"s early header which went through him

巡游者在周六在凯尔特公园取得胜利,但是谁应为东道主指责,又在游客在苏格兰英超联赛中领先4分时闪耀呢?凯尔特人瓦西里斯·巴尔卡斯(CelticVasilis Barkas)-5高盛(Goldson)的早期头球通过

Little he could have done about the defender"s second, but looked shaky from a couple of crosses too


Kristoffer Ajer - 7Made a brilliant challenge on Kent after half-time having been caught out by the same player to concede the free-kick leading to the opening goal

克里斯托弗·阿杰尔(Kristoffer Ajer)-7上半场比赛被同一个球员捉住,让其承认任意球导致开场进球后,对肯特进行了一次精彩的挑战

Put in another excellent block on the winger to keep Celtic in the game at 2-0


Should have had an assist with a lovely ball to create Griffiths" late chance


4439小游戏Shane Duffy - 5Misjudged his run from Tavernier"s free-kick which played Goldson onside for his opener

4439小游戏Shane Duffy-5在Tavernier的任意球中误判了他的出场

Unusually ineffective from set-pieces and did not know who he was marking for Goldson"s second until it was too late


Celtic 0-2 Rangers - Match reportScottish Premiership tableLive football on How the teams lined up | Match statsGet Stephen Welsh - 5 Acquited himself relatively well in his first Old Firm game before half-time, but with Frimpong pushing further forward after the break found himself caught out of position and did little to help with Goldson"s second


Jeremie Frimpong - 5Generally defended well against the running of Kent before half-time, but was left isolated going forward and often ended up running down blind alleys as a result

杰里米·弗里蓬(Jeremie Frimpong)-5一般在半场结束前对肯特的奔跑有良好的防守,但一直被孤立地向前走,结果常常导致在盲目的小巷中奔跑

Played further forward after the break but offered little more in attack while leaving gaps in behind


Callum McGregor - 6Offered moments of quality before half-time but faded after the break

卡勒姆·麦格雷戈(Callum McGregor)-6在中场休息前提供优质的时刻,但在休息后消失

Saw one first-half effort blocked by Goldson


Diego Laxalt - 5Looked rusty and never offered enough in the final third despite his obvious quality

迭戈·拉沙特(Diego Laxalt)-5看起来生锈,尽管在前三名中表现出色,但在最后三分中都没有表现出足够的表现

Was caught out by Rangers" quick movement down the right and all at sea when their second goal came down his side


Olivier Ntcham - 5Did not stamp his authority on the game going forward anywhere near as much as he can

Olivier Ntcham-5D没有在比赛中尽其所能在任何可能的地方加盖他的权威

One decent effort before half-time but not effective enough as Celtic searched for an equaliser


Scott Brown - 5 Looked his normal combative self at times in the first half but could not wrestle control of the midfield battle like he can at times

斯科特·布朗(Scott Brown)-5在上半场有时看起来很正常,但他有时无法像以前那样努力控制中场战斗

Perhaps distracted by a needless tussle with Morelos


Mohamed Elyounoussi - 6Did well to create early chance against Goldson, but failed to capitalise on it which proved costly on a day of few opportunities for Celtic

Mohamed Elyounoussi-6本来可以很好地为对阵高盛创造机会,但未能利用这一优势,这在凯尔特人几乎没有机会的情况下被证明是昂贵的

Moved the ball well before half-time outside the box but replaced 11 minutes into the second period


Patryk Klimala - 5Anonymous and did not look anything like a 3.5m front man in his first Old Firm game

Patryk Klimala-5Anonymous,在他的第一个Old Firm游戏中看上去并不像3.5m的前锋

Touched the ball only 12 times before he was replaced midway through the second period - and none of those were memorable


Substitutes Albian Ajeti (for Elyounoussi, 56) - 6 Produced a lovely dummy for Griffiths" late chance and saw a powerful shot blocked moments after

替补Albian Ajeti(代表Elyounoussi,56岁)-6为格里菲斯的后期机会制造了一个可爱的假人,并在比赛结束后看到了强大的射门机会

Provided more in 64 minutes than Klimala did in an hour


4439小游戏Tomas Rogic (for Ntcham, 67) - 5 Brought on to provide an extra spark in the Celtic midfield, it never materialised

4439小游戏Tomas Rogic(对于67岁的Ntcham而言)-5曾在凯尔特中场提供额外的火花,但从未实现

Leigh Griffiths (for Klimala, 67) - 5 Had a perfect opportunity to give Celtic a lifeline late on, but wasted it with a heavy touch

利·格里菲斯(Leigh Griffiths)(67岁的克里玛拉)-5有一个绝佳的机会让凯尔特人晚了生命线,但沉重地浪费了它

David Turnbull (for Welsh, 84) - N/A Greg Taylor (for Laxalt, 84) - N/A RangersAllan McGregor - 6A relative passenger throughout, dealt well enough with the routine balls thrown in his direction before he was lucky not to give away a penalty on Griffiths in the final minutes

大卫·特恩布尔(David Turnbull)(代表威尔士,84岁)-不适用格雷格·泰勒(Greg Taylor),代表(84岁的拉克萨尔)-不适用游骑兵艾伦·麦格雷戈(Allan McGregor)-整个飞行过程中有6名相对乘客,在运气不佳的情况下,他朝自己方向扔的常规球足够好在最后一分钟对格里菲斯罚掉

James Tavernier - 7Produced a typically impressive free-kick for the opening goal before making an equally important block from Elyounoussi"s cross to keep Rangers ahead shortly before half-time

詹姆斯·塔弗尼尔(James Tavernier)-7在开始与厄尤努西斯(Elyounoussi)的传中形成同样重要的盖帽之前,就为开场目标制造了通常令人印象深刻的任意球,使流浪者队在半场前不久领先

Always a threat down the right


Connor Goldson - 7 Despite some lovely movement for his goal and a deft header to go with it, found himself caught out minutes later by Elyounoussi

康纳·戈德森(Connor Goldson)-7尽管他的进球颇具动作感,而且还有个灵巧的头球,但几分钟后他就被Elyounoussi抓住了

Impressive after half-time aside from his excellent second goal


Filip Helander - 7A vital, brave early block on Elyounoussi set the tone before he also denied Ntcham before the break

菲利普·海兰德(Filip Helander)-7A至关重要的勇敢的早期阻拦Elyounoussi奠定了基调,然后他在休息前也否认了Ntcham

Slotted back in well and threw himself at everything


Borna Barisic - 7Had little trouble dealing with Frimpong defensively, but Rangers saw less than they would have liked of him going forward before half-time

博尔纳·巴里西奇(Borna Barisic)-7在防守弗里庞(Frimpong)方面没什么麻烦,但流浪者在半场休息之前所看到的比他想要的要少

When given more licence, he provided a lovely cross for Kent which could have killed the game at 2-0


Glen Kamara - 7Strong on the ball and excellent without it, kept Celtic"s midfield in check with little going through the middle for the hosts

格伦·卡玛拉(Glen Kamara)-7

Brought the ball forward and got Rangers moving to good effect


Unspectacular but impressive


Scott Arfield - 7 Linked up well with Morelos and got Rangers on the front foot from midfield with some intricate play

斯科特·阿菲尔德(Scott Arfield)-7与莫雷洛斯(Morelos)保持良好联系,并使流浪者队在中场发挥了一些错综复杂的作用

Always busy, and involved in a lovely move for the second goal


Steven Davis - 6Tidy in possession as usual without ever grabbing the headlines


Won the ball back more than anyone else on his side


Alfredo Morelos - 6Spent more time outside the box than he would have liked - rarely looked in danger of breaking his Old Firm duck, failing to register a single shot

阿尔弗雷多·莫雷洛斯(Alfredo Morelos)-6在框外花费的时间比他本来所希望的多-很少看上去有打破他的老公司鸭子的危险,未能记录一次

However, played his part in Rangers" second goal


Ryan Kent - 8 Rangers" star man as he has proven more than once this season

瑞恩·肯特(Ryan Kent)-8个流浪者队的明星人物,本赛季他已经多次证明

Unlucky not to get a goal with a couple of well-defended second-half chances, but more than provided a telling contribution across the game4439小游戏


Brandon Barker - 5There was hope pre-match his pace would give Celtic problems out wide, but he did not see enough of the ball - especially on the break - to make it count

布兰登·巴克(Brandon Barker)-5赛前他希望自己的速度能给凯尔特人带来很多麻烦,但他没有看到足够多的球-尤其是在休息时间-不能算得上

No surprise to see him removed on the hour


Substitutes Ryan Jack (for Barker, 62) - 6 Provided an extra bit of nous in midfield as Rangers held on comfortably for victory

替补莱恩·杰克(Ryan Jack,代表巴克,现年62岁)-6游骑兵舒适地为胜利而奋战,在中场提供了更多的帮助

Cedric Itten (for Morelos, 85) - N/A Joe Aribo (for Arfield, 90) - N/A

塞德里克·伊滕(塞德里克·伊滕(Cerric Itten)(代表莫雷洛斯(85))-不适用乔·阿里博(乔·阿里博)(代表Arfield,90)-不适用


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