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Tottenham subjected 10-man Manchester United to an embarrassing 6-1 thrashing at Old Trafford on Super Sunday


Here, we rate the players from both sides


Man Utd player ratingsDavid de Gea - 4 Not as bad as the defenders in front of him but this was another horrible afternoon for the under-fire goalkeeper


He was beaten far too easily at his near post for Tottenham"s fourth, scored by Son, and it hardly reflected well on him that he conceded six goals from only eight shots on target


Aaron Wan-Bissaka - 3 Had an extremely difficult afternoon up against the rampaging Son

亚伦·旺·比沙卡(Aaron Wan-Bissaka)-3在面对猖Son的儿子的艰难经历下

A reliable performer for much of last season but lacked alertness here and was found wanting for several of Tottenham"s goals


Harry Maguire - 2 A hapless performance from a once reliable performer

哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire)-2曾经可靠的表演者的不幸表演

Maguire"s errors in the lead-up to Tottenham"s equaliser set the tone for his afternoon


He conceded the free-kick which led to Tottenham"s second just three minutes later and never recovered公司娱乐活动


Eric Bailly - 2 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer talked him up as a possible solution to United"s recent defensive struggles ahead of this game, but Bailly was a liability here

埃里克·拜伊(Eric Bailly)-2奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)称他为曼联在这场比赛之前的近期防守斗争的可能解决方案,但拜伊在这里是个责任

Dreadful for Tottenham"s first two goals and gifted them their third with a loose pass in his own box


Positionally all over the place throughout


Luke Shaw - 2 News of the imminent arrival of left-back Alex Telles from Porto will be welcomed by supporters after this display from Shaw公司娱乐活动

卢克·肖(Shake Luw)-2肖的这次展示后,来自波尔图的左后卫Alex Telles即将到来的消息将受到支持者的欢迎公司娱乐活动

The 25-year-old was dragged out of position throughout and switched off at key moments repeatedly


公司娱乐活动Perhaps fortunate not to be sent off for hacking down Lucas Moura late on

公司娱乐活动也许幸运的是没有因为后期入侵Lucas Moura而被遣送出去

Nemanja Matic - 3 Not helped by the lack of discipline around him but struggled with the pace of the game and could not keep up with Tottenham"s runners

Nemanja Matic-3周围缺乏纪律性没有帮助,但他在比赛节奏上挣扎,无法跟上热刺的跑步者

Did not make a single tackle or interception before being hooked at half-time


公司娱乐活动Paul Pogba - 2 A miserable afternoon for the Frenchman

公司娱乐活动Paul Pogba-2法国人一个痛苦的下午

Unable to make anything happen offensively and did not contribute nearly enough defensively


Allowed his frustration to get the better of him when he clattered into Ben Davies to concede the penalty for Tottenham"s sixth

当他扑向本·戴维斯(Ben Davies)承认对托特纳姆热刺的第六次点球时,让他的挫败感得到了改善。

Bruno Fernandes - 4 Typically reliable from the penalty spot for United"s early goal but that moment felt like a distant memory by half-time, when he was substituted for Fred as Solskjaer attempted - in vain - to shore up his midfield

布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)-4对于曼联的早期进球,通常在罚球点上是可靠的,但是那一刻感觉就像是半场比赛的遥远回忆,当索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)徒劳地试图扶持中场时,他被弗雷德(Fred)取代

Mason Greenwood - 4 Not the kind of game in which a teenage winger can be expected to make much of an impact

梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)-4不能期望青少年的边锋能在其中产生重大影响

Had little influence on proceedings before being replaced by Donny van de Beek in the second half

在下半场被Donny van de Beek取代之前,对诉讼程序影响不大

Man Utd 1-6 Tottenham - Match report and highlightsPremier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet - All channels 23 a month Marcus Rashford - 4 A bystander for most of the game, Rashford was starved of service and did not have a single shot on goal

曼联1-6托特纳姆热刺-比赛报告和亮点治具|在SkyGet上直播-所有频道每月23个频道Marcus Rashford-4作为比赛大部分时间的旁观者,Rashford缺乏服务并且没有射门得分

Offered little protection to Shaw at left-back


Anthony Martial - 2 Won the penalty for United"s early opening goal but that was as good as it got for him

安东尼·马蒂亚尔(Anthony Martial)-2赢得曼联早场进球的点球,但这对他来说是一样好

It was perhaps unfair that Erik Lamela was not also red carded after the scuffle which saw him sent off, but Martial could have few complaints with the decision

埃里克·拉梅拉(Erik Lamela)混战后被罚下场,这也可能不公平,但是武术对这一决定几乎没有抱怨

It was a moment of petulance and it was rightly punished


SUBS Fred - 4 Brought on to shore up the midfield but struggled to adapt to the speed of the game

SUBS Fred-4上场支持中场,但努力适应比赛速度

Scott McTominay - 4 Like Fred, he was unable to provide any improvement in United"s midfield

斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay)-4和弗雷德一样,他无法改善曼联的中场

Donny van de Beek - 5 Not his kind of game

Donny van de Beek-5不是他的游戏

A peripheral figure after replacing Greenwood


Tottenham player ratings Hugo Lloris - 7 Unable to stop Fernandes" early penalty but had little to do apart from that - apart from sit back and enjoy the performance of his outfield team-mates

托特纳姆热刺队的球员雨果·洛里斯(Hugo Lloris)的得分-7无法阻止费尔南德斯的早期处罚,但除此之外别无所求-除了坐下来享受外野队友的表现

Serge Aurier - 9 Selected ahead of summer signing Matt Doherty at right-back and justified his inclusion with a goal and an assist

塞尔吉·奥里尔(Serge Aurier)-9提前夏天入选右后卫马特·多赫蒂(Matt Doherty),并用进球和助攻证明他的入选

Rarely tested in a defensive sense, but caused constant problems at the other end, showing just how dangerous he can be on the overlap


Davinson Sanchez - 7 It was his clumsy foul on Martial which allowed Fernandes to put Manchester United ahead early on, but he regained his composure soon enough and his early error was long forgotten by the end

达文森·桑切斯(Davinson Sanchez)-7由于他对武术的笨拙犯规,让费尔南德斯(Fernandes)尽早将曼联领先,但他很快就恢复了镇定自若,到了最后,他的早期失误早已被人们遗忘。

Eric Dier - 7 What should have been a difficult afternoon for him at centre-back turned out to be a relatively easy one

埃里克·迪尔(Eric Dier)-7中后卫对他来说应该是一个艰难的下午,事实证明这是一个相对容易的事情

Never looked troubled by United"s attackers and completed 78 of his 81 passes over the course of the 90 minutes


Sergio Reguilon - 8 Did not catch the eye quite as much as Aurier on the opposite flank but this was an extremely encouraging Premier League debut nonetheless

塞尔吉奥·雷吉隆(Sergio Reguilon)-8在侧翼进攻方面并没有像奥里耶尔那样引人注目,但这仍然是英超联赛中令人鼓舞的处子秀

Created a string of scoring chances from left-back and showed a willingness to run at his man


Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg - 8 Set up Tottenham"s fourth goal with the pass to release Aurier on the right flank and dominated the midfield throughout

皮埃尔·埃米尔·霍比约(Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg)-8通过传球建立热刺的第四个进球,在右侧路释放奥里埃,并在整个中场占据优势

Nobody had more touches or completed more passes


Hojbjerg also ranked joint-top among Spurs players for ball recoveries


Moussa Sissoko - 8 Like Hojbjerg, he was instrumental in ensuring that Tottenham maintained midfield dominance throughout

穆萨·西索科(Moussa Sissoko)-8和霍伊比约格一样,他在确保托特纳姆热刺在整个比赛中保持中场优势方面发挥了作用

Worked tirelessly defensively and offered plenty of composure with the ball, completing 67 passes out of 69, giving him the highest accuracy rate on the pitch


Tanguy Ndombele - 8 His future at Tottenham has looked in doubt at times under Mourinho but it seems Ndombele is finally winning his manager over

Tanguy Ndombele-8在穆里尼奥的带领下,他在托特纳姆热刺的前途有时令人怀疑,但看来Ndombele最终赢得了他的经理

In the right place at the right time to score the opening goal and continued to impress before making way for Dele Alli midway through the second half

在合适的时间,正确的位置打入首个进球,并继续给人留下深刻印象,然后在下半场中段为Dele Alli腾出空间

Erik Lamela - 7 Mourinho will have liked his role in Martial"s sending off having asked his players to show a dark side

埃里克·拉梅拉(Erik Lamela)-7穆里尼奥会喜欢他在武术比赛中扮演的角色,要求他的球员表现出阴暗的一面。

Lamela was typically industrious in the first half but replaced by Lucas Moura at the interval having been fortunate not to have also seen red in his clash with Martial

拉梅拉通常在上半场勤劳,但在幸运的时间内没有在与武术的冲突中也看到红色,因此被卢卡斯·莫拉(Lucas Moura)取代

Heung-Min Son - 9 Another outstanding performance from a player who has started the season in blistering form

Heung-Min Son-9以起泡的形式开始本赛季的球员的另一项出色表现

Finished his two goals brilliantly, taking his tally for the season to seven in all competitions, and also provided the assist for Kane"s first


Harry Kane - 9 Like Son, he was sensational

哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)-9像儿子一样,他引起了轰动

Showed impressive awareness to set up the South Korean"s first goal with his quickly-taken free-kick and there were plenty more examples of his passing prowess


Took his goals superbly and took home the man-of-the-match award too


SUBS Lucas Moura - 6 Not hugely involved after replacing Lamela at the interval but worked hard

SUBS Lucas Moura-6在间隔更换Lamela之后并没有投入太多精力,但是努力

Dele Alli - 7 A first Premier League appearance since the opening day, suggesting there may be a route back into Mourinho"s plans for him

德里·阿里(Dele Alli)-7自开幕以来首次参加英超联赛,这表明穆里尼奥为他制定的计划可能还有路途

Ben Davies - 7 Won the penalty for Tottenham"s sixth goal when he drew a foul from Pogba

本·戴维斯(Ben Davies)-7岁的托特纳姆热刺(Pogba)犯规,赢得了第六个进球


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