哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane):加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)说,英格兰前锋可以击败鲁尼的进球纪录

时间:2020-12-12 11:10:25

Gareth Southgate has backed England captain Harry Kane to surpass Wayne Rooney as the country"s record goalscorer as the Tottenham forward prepares to win his 50th cap against Belgium on Sunday, live on

加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)支持英格兰队长哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)超过韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney),成为该国的纪录射手,而热刺前锋准备在周日对阵比利时的火凤游戏平台中赢得第50个盖帽

The Tottenham striker already has 32 England goals to his name, putting him sixth on the all-time list and 21 behind Wayne Rooney


Southgate said: "In terms of what is possible, the goalscoring record is the really interesting one because his strike rate for us is phenomenal and he has time on his side to chase Wayne Rooney"s record which would be a remarkable feat


England reporter"s notebook: Grealish here to stayGrealish: Mount comparisons "annoying"England vs Iceland to go ahead at Wembley"I know from his perspective, while the personal achievement is something he is driven towards, it is the team achievement


"He is so focused on the team having success and he would want to look back over the next few years at the team achieving." When asked to pick out a stand-out moment for Kane on the international scene, Southgate recalled his first-ever goal for England


He was England Under-21 boss at the time and had worked with the Spurs striker in the age group before he was given a debut by Roy Hodgson in March 2016 against Lithuania

他当时是英格兰21岁以下的老板,曾在该年龄段与马刺前锋一起工作,然后在2016年3月由罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)对立陶宛进行首秀

"I think his first goal for England with Roy because we were with the Under-21s and whenever one of your players get called up, you always want them to do well," Southgate added


"I remember hearing he had scored and that was a brilliant moment for all of us because you want your boys to progress and do well


"His goal at Hampden as well and of course his goals at the World Cup


To win the golden boot is an incredible personal achievement


"It is a special moment for him


We have had three or four get to the 50-cap milestone in the last year and for all of them it is a fantastic achievement." The England boss also confirmed that every player in the squad took part in Saturday morning"s training session with no player testing positive for coronavirus, following Republic of Ireland midfielder Alan Browne"s positive test on Friday

去年,我们已经有三四个人达到了50人的里程碑,对于所有人来说,这都是一个了不起的成就。”英格兰老板还证实,该队中的每个球员都参加了星期六早上的训练,没有球员爱尔兰共和国中场球员艾伦·布朗(Alan Browne)上周五进行阳性检测后,冠状病毒检测呈阳性

Rice: Mount v Grealish debate makes no senseGareth Southgate refused to be drawn into the debate on whether Mason Mount or Jack Grealish deserved to play ahead of the other for England

赖斯:Mount v Grealish的辩论毫无道理,Gareth Southgate拒绝参加有关梅森·芒特或杰克·格雷利什是否值得在英格兰领先的辩论

West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, a lifelong friend of Chelsea midfielder Mount, says the framing of the debate has been harsh on Mount and believes there is room for both players to start in the national side, like they did in England"s 3-0 win over Ireland earlier this week

西汉姆中场球员德兰·赖斯(Declan Rice)是切尔西中场山的终生朋友,他表示对山峰的辩论一直很严峻,并认为两位球员都可以在国家队中展开火凤游戏平台,就像他们在英格兰3-0战胜英格兰时一样爱尔兰本周早些时候

"We don"t speak about it but it is very harsh," Rice said of Mount"s criticism


"I know what his mentality is like


I know how driven he is


It is no surprise that Gareth picks him, Frank (Lampard) picks him and if you gave every Premier League manager the chance, they would pick him as well


"If you look at Jack and Mas, there will always be comparisons but they are playing in two different parts of the pitch


"Mason now at Chelsea is playing as an attacking eight and Jack is playing off the left (at Aston Villa) and we saw the other night they can both play in the same team and they are both great players we should be valuing."



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