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李宁官方网上商城England suffered a 2-0 defeat away to Belgium in the Nations League on Sunday, ending their hopes of making the knockout phase of the competition


Gareth Southgate"s side fell to first-half goals from Youri Tielemans and Dries Mertens and were unable to find a way back despite dominating possession and territory for long periods in the second half

加里斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)的球队在尤里·蒂勒曼斯(Yuri Tielemans)和德瑞斯·梅尔滕斯(Dries Mertens)的比赛中跌入了上半场进球,尽管下半场长期占据控球权和领地地位,但他们都找不到出路

Here, we assess the individual performances of the England side..


Jordan Pickford - 6A couple of deflections on Tielemans" drive for Belgium"s opener left him little chance, and he wasn"t helped by a wall which didn"t jump in unison when Mertens" free-kick flew in out of his reach

乔丹·皮克福德(Jordan Pickford)-6蒂勒曼斯(Tielemans)驱车前往比利时揭幕战的过程中发生了两次挠曲,这给他带来了很小的机会,当梅尔滕斯(Mertens)的任意球飞向他的范围时,他并没有获得一堵墙的帮助。

李宁官方网上商城Showed good reflexes to save sharply from a close-range Romelu Lukaku effort late on

李宁官方网上商城表现出良好的反应力,可以从后期的罗梅卢·卢卡库(Romelu Lukaku)的​​近距离攻击中大幅节省

Kieran Trippier - 6Whipped in a fantastic low cross for an early Grealish attempt and contributed to several good chances with his corner-kick delivery

基兰·特里皮尔(Kieran Trippier)– 6

Picked up a nasty blow to his face from an accidental clash with Thorgan Hazard"s boot and subbed off soon after with 20 minutes to go

意外撞上Thorgan Hazard的靴子,对他的脸造成了沉重的打击,并在20分钟后自动消失

Kyle Walker - 6A couple of loose touches early on but was back to cover with his rapid pace and looked to push forwards from his centre-back role

凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)-6初期有些松懈,但很快就回过神来,并希望从中后卫位置继续前进

Showed some flare with a couple of flicks and attacked enthusiastically in the second half without success


Eric Dier - 5Gave the ball away for Belgium"s opener when his pass forwards was intercepted by Jan Vertonghen and then couldn"t prevent Lukaku teeing up Tielemans to score

埃里克·迪尔(Eric Dier)-5当扬·通通亨(Jan Vertonghen)拦截传球时,将球传给比利时的揭幕战,卢卡库无法阻止蒂卡曼(Telemans)开球得分

Didn"t learn his lesson and nearly gave it away in similar fashion later in the first half


More safe and solid in the second period, albeit when Belgium"s pressure eased off, until Lukaku turned him inside out in the final moments


Belgium 2-0 England - Match reportHow the teams lined up | Match statsNations League table | Fixtures | ResultsTyrone Mings - 6Got an unfortunate nick on Tielemans" opener which left Pickford little chance but will be satisfied with how he coped with Lukaku in the left channel, winning one important duel with the Belgian in the first half

比利时2-0英格兰-比赛报告比赛统计国家联赛表|治具|结果泰隆·明斯(Tyrone Mings)-6在蒂勒曼斯的揭幕战上获得了一个不幸的刻痕,这让皮克福德几乎没有机会,但会对他如何应付左路的卢卡库感到满意,在上半场与比利时人赢得了一场重要对决

Got away with being casual in possession on one occasion after the break but looked a safe option on left of the three


Ben Chilwell - 6A frustrating night for the in-form Chelsea left-back, who had got out to De Bruyne early on

本·奇维尔(Ben Chilwell)-切尔西左后卫的6A夜晚令人沮丧

He miscued a cross for Grealish when Belgium were stretched and was forced off with what appeared to be a back injury towards the end of the first half


Declan Rice - 6Nutmegged when Lukaku fed Tielemans for Belgium"s opener and couldn"t recover to make the block

Declan Rice-6当卢卡库(Lukaku)用蒂勒曼斯(Tielemans)喂比利时的开瓶器而无法恢复成块时

Then wrongly punished for a challenge on De Bruyne which led to Mertens scoring from a free-kick

然后因对De Bruyne的挑战而被错误地处罚,这导致Mertens任意球得分

Got about the pitch well to limit Belgium"s talented midfield but he or Henderson need the right partner in the centre of the park


Jordan Henderson - 5The Liverpool skipper was back well to make an important interception to prevent De Bruyne latching onto a Lukaku cutback just before half-time but with the ball he too often took the safe option - reflected by his half-time substitution for Harry Winks

乔丹·亨德森(Jordan Henderson)-5利物浦队长很好地拦截了对方,以防止德布鲁因(De Bruyne)在半场结束前锁定卢卡库(Lukaku)的​​裁员,但他经常带球选择安全位置-半场替补哈里·温克斯(Harry Winks)

Questions over whether Henderson and Rice are too similar in a midfield two persist


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